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1991-92 St. Louis Blues Rich Sutter jersey

Today, we conclude our profiles of the six Sutter brothers to have played in the NHL.

Rich Sutter also kept with the Sutter family tradition of playing junior hockey for both Red Deer and Lethbridge, as did all of his brothers before him.

Drafted 10th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins, Rich became the sixth and final Sutter brother to play in the NHL when he made his NHL on January 1, 1983. Rich would never become a regular with Pittsburgh, playing just 4 games in 1982-83 and 5 more in 1983-84. An early season trade in 1983 would unite Rich with his brother Ron in Philadelphia, necessitating full names on the backs of their jerseys due to their common first initial.

The Sutter Brothers, The Sutter Brothers
The Sutter brothers at home on the family farm posing in their NHL jerseys - note Rich in his Penguins jersey from early in his career, with whom he would only play nine games

Rich would then be traded to the Vancouver Canucks, where he would play for four seasons prior to being traded to the St. Louis Blues in March of 1990. He would be reunited with twin brother Ron upon his arrival in St. Louis, which would last until he was claimed by Chicago in the 1993 Waiver Draft where brother Brent was waiting for him!

Rich and Ron Sutter, Rich and Ron Sutter
Rich and Ron Sutter reunited in St. Louis

Early the following season, Chicago would trade Rich to the Tampa Bay Lightning in February, but his stay would be short, as after just four games he would be sold to the Toronto Maple Leafs three weeks later, where he would finish out his career with a final 18 regular season games and four playoff games.

His final career totals were 874 games, 149 goal and 315 points.

Rich Sutter, Rich Sutter
Rich Sutter

When Ron played his final game for the Calgary Flames on March 31, 2001, it ended a streak of 24 years, 3 months and 27 days of the Sutter family having at least one player active in the NHL, dating back to Brian's debut in December of 1976, The streak included five seasons, from 1982-82 to 1986-87, with all six brothers active in the league at the same time.

The Sutter display @ HHOF, The Sutter display @ HHOF
The Sutter family display at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Today's featured jersey is a 1991-92 St. Louis Blues Rich Sutter jersey. Coming full circle back to St. Louis where we began with Brian Sutter's featured jersey. Once again twins Ron and Rich were teamed together, which made the rare use of full names on the back necessary once again.

In addition to Rich and Ron playing together at teammates twice, Duane and Brent were Islanders together and Brent and Rich spent a season playing for Chicago.

Darryl, Duane, Brent and Rich all saw tours of duty for the Blackhawks at various times, but with only Brent and Rich there at the same time.

This jersey is evolved from the Brian Sutter jersey shown earlier this week, as the "Blues" word mark is removed from the front for the 1987-88 season and sharp-eyed viewers will notice the sharp edges of the logo have now been rounded off.

St Louis Blues 91-92 jersey, St Louis Blues 91-92 jersey
photo courtesy of Classic Auctions

Today is the final installment of the four part documentary of the hockey playing Sutter brothers.

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  1. I am so happy to find your blog, a kindred spirit. I have long loved jerseys, I have about 70.

    You may be interested to know I live in Alberta near Viking. I saw many of the Sutters play in Junior. Brent used to center a line with the twins. My brother was a linesman in that league and at those games.


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