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1984-85 St. Louis Blues Brian Sutter Jersey

There have been several instances of brothers playing in the NHL, such as Bobby and Dennis Hull, Maurice and Henri Richard and Phil and Tony Esposito, but even the largest families top out at three brothers, such as Peter, Anton and Marian Stastny or Aaron, Neal and Paul Broten, but 30 years ago on this date in 1983, Rich Sutter became the sixth of the Sutter brothers from Viking, Alberta to play in the NHL.

The Sutter Family, The Sutter Family
The Sutter family, father Joh, mother Grace and brother Gary (in the cap), who stayed at home on the farm rather than pursue a hockey career, although it's been said by the others he was the best hockey player in the group

The story of the Sutter brothers in the NHL began with Brian Sutter, drafted by the St. Louis Blues in the 1976 NHL Draft after playing for the Red Deer Rustlers of the Alberta Junior Hockey League before moving on to the Lethbridge Broncos of the WHL. He would split his time between the Kansas City Blues of the CHL as well as making his debut with St. Louis on December 4, 1976, ushering in an era of the Sutter family in the NHL.

Brian would spend his entire career with the Blues, playing 779 games over 12 seasons with a high of 46 goals in 1982-83 and 83 points the following season. Entering his fourth season, Brian was named captain of the Blues, a position he would hold for nine seasons until his retirement due to a nagging back injury. The Blues would raise his #11 to the rafters on December 30, 1988 in recognition of his contributions to the franchise, which continued as he took over as the Blues head coach for the season following his retirement!

Brian Sutter, Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter

Today's featured jersey is a 1984-85 St. Louis Blues Brian Sutter jersey. This style of jersey was first used during Brian's 9th season with the Blues and was only used for one season. It featured the addition of the world "Blues" across the chest and a darker shade of blue than previously used.

The following season the waist stripe would move up off the bottom of the jersey to now have a white stripe below it as well as the addition of red trim on the striping along with a simplified font for the numbers and a change to one color block lettering for the names on the back. 

St Louis Blues 84-85 jersey, St Louis Blues 84-85 jersey
St Louis Blues 84-85 jersey, St Louis Blues 84-85 jersey
Today's video section begins with Brian exchanging blows with Randy Carlyle.

Next, Brian KO's Paul Baxter with one punch, earning himself a trip to the penalty box.

Finally, an overview of the hockey playing brothers from 1994.

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