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The Detroit Red Wings Single Season Goal Scoring Record - 1972-73 Detroit Red Wings Mickey Redmond Jersey

When the Western Canada Hockey League folded after the 1925-26 season, a deal was made in which the new Detroit expansion NHL club bought the rights to the players of one of the most successful of the WCHL teams, the 1925 Stanley Cup champion Victoria Cougars.

1925 Victoria Cougars photo 1925VictoriaCougarsteam.jpg
The 1925 Stanley Cup champion Victoria Cougars

The new Detroit club was named the Cougars in honor of the source of its roster, the Victoria Cougars. The new NHL Cougars played a 44 game schedule, finishing last in the American Division of the 10 team league with a 12-28-4 record. John Sheppard would lead the team in scoring with 13 goals and 21 points in 43 games.

Sheppard Cougars Red Wings
John Sheppard

For the following season of 1927-28, the Detroit Olympia would become the Cougars new home for the next 52 years through December of 1979. That same season, Jack Adams would take over as head coach in Detroit and spend the next 36 years as either the coach or general manager of the club. The Cougars would finish the season with a 19-19-6 record for fourth place in the American Division. George Hay would lead the team with 22 goals and 35 points in 42 games, tied for third in the league.

Hay Cougars Red Wings
George Hay

Before the start of the 1930-31 season, the Detroit club would change its name from their original choice of Cougars to Falcons, bringing an end to the first era of of the franchise with hopes of changing its luck. The name Falcons would last but two seasons until a change in ownership led to the adaptation of the Red Wings name. Ebbie Goodfellow would raise the Detroit single season goal scoring mark to 25 during the team's first year as the Falcons.

Goodfellow Falcons Red Wings
Ebbie Goodfellow

For the 1932-33 season, the franchise was purchased by James Norris and rechristened the Detroit Red Wings, which included a changed to their famed "winged wheel" logo. The Red Wings would win the Stanley Cup in 1936, 1937 and 1943, and Larry Aurie would lead the NHL in goals in 1936-37 with 23, but Goodfellow's mark of 25 would last until the 1943-44 season when it was destroyed by Carl Liscombe's 36 goals.

Ted Lindsay would lead the NHL with 33 in 1948 and Sid Abel's 28 topped the league in 1949 but, after a Stanley Cup championship in 1950, it would be Gordie Howe in 1950-51 who would set the bar higher when he led the NHL in goals for three consecutive seasons, first with 43 in 1951, then 47 in 1952 and finally 49 in 1952-53.

Gordie Howe Young 2
Young Gordie Howe led the NHL in goals for three seasons
while pushing the Red Wings team record from 43 up to 49

Howe would equal his own record in 1952-53 with 49 again, but despite championships in 1952, 1954 and 1955 and Howe leading all players in 1957 (44 goals) and again in 1963 (38) followed by Norm Ullman with 42 goals in 1965, it would take until this date in 1973 for Mickey Redmond to become the first player in Red Wings history to score 50 goals in a season when he scored at 16:47 of the third period from Gary Bergman in an 8-1 Detroit win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Redmond would then score his 51st of the season just 18 seconds later on his way to a season total and new club record of 52.

Redmond Red Wings 2
Mickey Redmond, the first Red Wing to score 50 goals

John Ogrodnick moved the Detroit single season record up to 55 during his career year of 1984-85 when he had 105 points, 20 more than his next best season.

Ogrodnick Red Wings
John Ogrodnick

Finally, in 1988-89, Steve Yzerman would establish the current single season team record with a blistering 65 goal season on his way to a 155 point total, which also remains a club record in its own right along with his 90 assists that season.

Yzerman Red Wings 2
Detroit single season goal scoring record holder Steve Yzerman

Since then, only three times has anyone surpassed Ogrodnick's 55 goals, starting with Yzerman, who had 62 in 1989-90 the season after setting the record of 65. Yzerman had 58 in 1992-93 and Russian Sergei Fedorov had a 56 goal season in 1993-94, leaving Yzerman the only player to surpass 60 for Detroit, having done it twice.

No Red Wing has led the NHL in goals since Ullman back in 1965 despite the team winning Stanley Cup titles in 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2008.

Yzerman and Howe
Red Wings legends Yzerman and Howe, who hold the franchise
single season and career goal and point scoring records

Today's featured jersey is a 1972-73 Detroit Red Wings Mickey Redmond jersey as worn by Redmond the season he became the first player in franchise history to score 50 goals in a season.

The Red Wings first introduced this style jersey in 1932 when they changed their name from the Falcons. There have been minor tweaks to fonts and modernizations, such as sleeve numbers and names on the back, but the Red Wings red jersey has remained essentially unchanged in now over 85 years.

Detroit Red Wings 1972-73 F jersey
Detroit Red Wings 1972-73 B jersey

Bonus jersey: Today's bonus jersey is a 1988-89 Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman jersey worn by Yzerman the season he set the Red Wings single season goals, assists and points scoring records.

Detroit Red Wings 1988-89 F jersey
Detroit Red Wings 1988-89 B jersey



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