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1947 NHL All-Star Game Edgar Laprade Jersey

All-Star Week continues here at Third String Goalie with a look at the history and evolution of the event.

Following the first three benefit/memorial games held in the 1930's there were no NHL All-Star games held until the Players Committee proposed it as an annual charity game to benefit the Players Emergency Fund as well as a players pension fund in 1947.

The first of the annual games was held in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens,which was upgraded to have glass on the boards instead of the usual fencing that was common at the time, on October 13, 1947. When it first began, the format called for the defending Stanley Cup Champions to take on an All-Star team made up of players from the other five Original 6 clubs, with the game to be played prior to the start of the regular season.

1947 NHL All-Star Game Program
The inaugural 1947 NHL All-Star Game program

The scheduling of the game would remain during the pre-season (or at least very early in the season) through 1965. It was then shifted to a mid-season spot on the calendar for the 1966-67 season, which meant there was no game during the 1966 calendar year.

The practice of having the defending Stanley Cup champions take on the All-Stars lasted through 1968 before a change was made to have the Eastern Conference battle the Western Conference All-Stars for the first time. The only exception to this format was in 1951 and 1952, when the end of season First Team All-Stars played against the end of season Second Team All-Stars, with both games ending in ties.

During the era when the Stanley Cup champions would face an All-Star team, the All-Stars prevailed nine times, the cup champions seven and there were three ties.

Prior to the first NHL All-Star Game, the players attended a Canadian Football League game and were treated to a fine dinner. Gifts were given to all the players, with the defending champion Maple Leafs each receiving extra gifts, such as gold cufflinks, a lifetime pass to Maple Leaf Gardens, a coat, a hat and tie, a lighter and cigarette box, golf balls, a pocket knife, a team photo, a silver tea tray and and engraved gold watch with a silver chain.

The game was played in front of 14,169 fans who saw the Maple Leafs leading at the conclusion of the first period by a score of 1-0.

They extended their lead with a second goal just 1:03 into the second period before the All-Stars got on the board at 4:39. The Maple Leafs responded just 22 seconds later to restore their two goal margin, but the All-Stars scored their second of the period just before the halfway point of the game to make it 3-2 for Toronto.

Maurice Richard tied the game with an unassisted goal just 28 seconds into the third period, followed by Doug Bentley's game winner less than a minute later as the All-Stars would come from behind to win 4-3.

1947 NHL All-Stars reunion in 2000
The reunion of the original 1947 All-Star Game players in 2000 at
the 50th NHL All-Star Game, also held in Toronto

The Maple Leafs wore their home white sweaters for the game and the referees wore dark blue sweaters.

The NHL All-Stars wore newly designed red sweaters adorned with the NHL logo and white stars on the chest and short white and blue stripes which repeated down the length of the arms and across the shoulders.

1947 NHL All-Star team
The 1947 NHL All-Star Team, the first to wear the new All-Star design

This style of All-Star jersey would remain in use through 1954 until a change in NHL policy saw the home teams now wearing their dark jerseys, which led to a revival of the white version of this sweater for the All-Stars first used in 1951 and 1952 when the format of the game was tweaked to feature the NHL First Team All-Stars facing the Second Team All-Stars with one team wearing the red version and the other the white.

1951 NHL All-Star team
The 1951 NHL Second All-Star Team, the first to
wear the white version of the All-Star sweater

The white sweaters were then used from 1955 through 1959 until a new design was finally adopted in 1960. This style jersey was revived for the 1993 NHL All-Star Game in Philadelphia during the NHL's 75th Anniversary season.

 photo NHLAllStar1991-92jerseys.jpg

Today's featured jersey is a 1947 NHL All-Star Edgar Laprade jersey as worn in the first of the annual NHL All-Star Games. This design was created specifically for that particular event and would remain in use through 1959, although sometimes in a white version.

NHL All-Star 1947
photo courtesy of Classic Auctions

Today's video section is highlights of the 1947 NHL All-Star Game, the first of the annual events which continue through to today.

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