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Reader Submission - 1961-62 Dartmouth College David Donnelley Jersey

Our 27th reader submission comes from Chuck Eckels, and it's vintage jersey from one of the oldest college hockey programs in the United States.

Here is Chuck's story about his classic jersey and how he was able to identify exactly what it really was when it was listed as a football jersey.
I never collected hockey jerseys. I rented them. Oh, I would purchase them but like gum, it didn't take long for the sugar to be gone and I would sell that shirt. Now I buy and collect hockey jerseys. I buy and collect vintage game worn Ivy League college jerseys. I bought as many books and media guides as I could and I went out in search of true collectibles. These jerseys and sweaters are not manufactured collectibles like the 25 Henrik Lundqvist jerseys produced every year. I also chose the Ivy League because it was the Ivy League that brought the game to the states from Canada. Many times people list these obscure collectibles as something other than game worn hockey jerseys.

This 1961-62 Dartmouth University hockey jersey was advertised as a football jersey and one could be easily mislead. It looks like a football jersey. However, upon closer inspection, one can see that this type of jersey was utilized by the university to play hockey during the late 1950's early 1960's. It looks just like the jerseys in the photos I have included.  They changed jersey styles in 1963.  The football jerseys from this era did not have Dartmouth written on the front.
 photo Dartmouth team photo.png
The 1960-61 Dartmouth College Indians hockey team
The Dartmouth hockey program started in the 1905-06 school year. The Indians got off to a good start as they defeated Williams College 4-2 . The first goal scored in school history was scored by captain and player coach Gene Brooks '07. Home games were initially played at a flooded Memorial Field. Dartmouth played a gentlemanly game as they played the entire 1908-09 season without earning one penalty and finishing second to Harvard. During the 1920's the program came of age as the team won the first tournament ever entered. The Indians won the Lake Placid Christmas tournament in 1922-23.

The program became a real power house for the next four decades under Eddie Jeremiah Dartmouth class of 1930. In 37-38 the Indians went undefeated in league play and captured the Quadrangular League title. Their overall record was 18-4. The Big Green captured their second Quadrangular League title the following season. At the start of the 45-46 season the Indians lost their opener to Yale 6-4 which ended their 46 game undefeated streak in league play. Dartmouth went on to win three consecutive Quadrangular league titles from 46-49 to run their total to 5 total league titles. The Indians lost to Michigan in the national championship in 1948, 8-4. During the 49 season Dartmouth handed Boston College it's only defeat of the season 4-2 in Hanover. They lost to B.C. in Boston Arena 7-4. They lost the national championship to Boston College in 1949 by a score of 4-3. The Big Green went on to win a couple of Ivy League titles in the late 50's and early 60's after the Ivy League conference was established in 1954. They also won Ivy titles in 79 and 07. The Big Green skates at Thompson Arena which opened in 1975 and replaces Davis Arena which opened in 1930.
Dartmouth 1961-62 jersey photo Dartmouth 1961-62 F jersey.jpg
Dartmouth 1961-62 jersey photo Dartmouth 1961-62 B jersey.jpg

Thanks to Chuck for taking the time to photograph his jersey and his detailed and extensive history of Dartmouth hockey. We really appreciate the work involved when our readers take the time and effort to share their jerseys through their writing and their photos.

If you have a jersey in your collection that you'd like to share with us and your fellow readers, please submit your pictures and a story to go with it, no matter how brief or detailed, to and we look forward to seeing your favorites!

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