Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hockey Jersey Training Camp - Day 9 - The Collecting Community

Day 9 of Hockey Jersey Training Camp concludes with our final "drill" about The Collecting Community.

You've located your jersey and perhaps a patch to put on it, decided whose name and number to add to it, sent it in for customizing and your newly lettered jersey has (finally) arrived in the mail.

Now what? Obviously you can wear it to a game or just around town, making certain to NOT tuck it in, or you can show it off to your friend's friend who responds by saying he can get "any jersey you want" for $40 (which you know will be a Chinese knockoff) and has zero appreciation for your authentic jersey.

Or, you can show it off to like minds online who can relate to the scarcity of your new sweater, the accuracy of the customization and the attention to detail that your patch brings to your jersey.

One such place is the forum at, who host a hockey jersey only forum for collectors.

Here you can ask questions about the authenticity of potential purchases, learn the finer points of how to spot fakes yourself, where to locate patches, advice on customizers and player choices for your jerseys, buy new jerseys and sell your old ones once you have established yourself as a member of either community and simply show off your new arrival as well as seeing what unique things others have acquired, which will certainly inspire you to try to duplicate one for yourself from time to time.

In addition, the forum has a very active marketplace section and general discussion section.

The depth of knowledge available is quite remarkable as passionate collectors share their insights and knowledge on all things jersey related.

In addition to the traditional online forums, social media is now a place to connect with other collectors, with jersey oriented groups on Facebook. Our particular favorite is the IIHF Jerseys group on Facebook for those who specialize in national team jerseys, many of which are only available as game worn examples. It's a great place to see some very unique items and ask question of a very knowledgeable worldwide membership, which often has members posting jerseys for sale you will not find anywhere else.

Join today!
IIHF JCFG 200 photo IIHFJCFG200.png

Additionally, there are other groups on Facebook you can check out for game worn hockey jerseys, such as Game Worn Hockey Jerseys, which has a membership over 1,600. You cam also look in the right hand column for "suggested groups" to find all sorts of specialty sub-categories for collectors of just specific teams as well as equipment and collectables if that appeals to you.

Once you've joined a forum or a group, it's part of the fun to share your collection with others. Photographing your jerseys is an essential part of that and we have a few tips. We recommend a mid-tone background of either a beige carpet, wood flooring or a roll of seamless paper. A mid-tone background will work for both white and dark colored jerseys and look more consistent from shot to shot.

We do not recommend white or black backgrounds, tile surfaces or fabric surfaces, such as a sheet. White backgrounds won't allow white jerseys to separate from the background very well and will fool the camera into thinking the scene is too bright, resulting in underexposed, grey photos, while black will have the opposite results. Black backgrounds will cause light colored jerseys to be overexposed and black jerseys to disappear into the background. The shine on tile surfaces will cause a glare from the flash which may also result in underexposed images. Those with prominent grout lines will only serve to distract from the jersey, the same of which can be said for a wrinkled sheet.

Once you have chosen your background, lay your jersey down, fold the arms over to run down the side of the body and get the jersey as flat as possible to reduce as many wrinkles as you can.

We do recommend the use of an on-camera flash. The light hitting the jersey from directly overhead will reduce the appearance of any wrinkles in the jersey, which would be emphasized by any side lighting, such as that coming from a window on one side of the jersey. A flash also has the added benefit of being the same each time, while reliance on sunlight leaves you subject to both sunny and cloudy days, resulting in inconsistent lighting.

To summarize, pick a background that is not too light or not too dark, with as little pattern to it as possible and shoot from straight overhead with a flash. Simple!

You will need to host your own photos on the internet to be able to post them to any forum. There are many free photo hosting sites from which to choose from, such as Flickr or Photobucket.

As for meeting up with other collectors in person, there are two events that we recommend.

The first is the annual MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Expo in New Jersey where the largest dealer of NHL game worn jerseys brings together collectors and dealers alike in a festival of jerseys unlike any other. The 2015 edition was held on July 18th, so look for the next one 

The other event we recommend is the Minnesota Hockey Collectors Expo at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota. The 13th annual Expo takes place Sunday, October 11th from 11 AM to 6 PM. This event is free and features collectors bringing their favorites from their personal collection for some good old show and tell, with an emphasis on jerseys related to the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota North Stars and Minnesota Gophers, as well as many other interesting jerseys from throughout the hockey world. It's great opportunity to see some great game worn jerseys up close, meet some new people and perhaps add a new jersey to your collection and we'll be there as usual.

There are other expos held throughout the country, perhaps one near you, such as the 9th NOVA Game Worn Hockey Jersey Expo from 9 AM to 5 PM on March 12, 2016 in Virginia.

Already planned is the 3rd Annual Hockey Memorabilia Show on December 12th, 2015 in Wheeling, West Virginia from 10 AM to 3 PM held in conjunction with the Wheeling Nailers vs. Toledo Walleyes game that night, which will include an appearance with The Hanson Brothers!

Announcements and details for this and other collector meetings can be found on the forums at or at, a "one stop resource for collectors of all levels". includes news, a forum, resources, a collector's corner as well as their own podcast! Be sure to check out and see all they have to offer, not only on their website, but on facebook if you prefer to get your news that way.

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