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2012-13 Philadelphia Flyers Boston Strong Jersey

In a follow up to our post on Patriots' Day about the Boston Bruins wearing the "Boston Strong" ribbon patch  and the Pittsburgh Penguins wearing the "Boston 617" patch when they met in Boston on April 20, 2013, five days after the Boston Marathon bombings, reader @FlyersFansInDC on twitter pointed out that the Philadelphia Flyers also wore the "Boston Strong" ribbon on their jerseys when they hosted the Bruins two days later on this date one year ago, April 22, 2013.
We have to admit that we were not aware of the Flyers wearing the yellow and blue Boston Strong ribbon patch until it was brought to our attention. Here is the article from the Flyers website.
This past Friday, the city of Boston and the rest of the nation were able to breathe a sigh of relief. And as those impacted by the horrific tragedy in Boston on Monday, April 15 begin a difficult journey to heal, the strength of these people will again be tested. 
"We have all seen what Boston has gone through and how they all rallied together,” said Comcast Spectacor President Peter Luukko. “As someone from New England, I know how much pride that city has. We too have been moved by what we saw last week in Boston and wanted to do our part to help.” 
The Flyers, along with the great fans of Philadelphia will lend their support when the Flyers play the Boston Bruins this Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center. The organization will be donating the charitable portion of the money collected through the Flyers Charities 50/50 raffle at game to
In addition, the team will wear special edition jerseys with a Boston Strong patch on their uniforms and decals on their helmets. At the conclusion of the game, every player’s jersey will be available for auction with proceeds also benefitting at
Prior to puck drop, members of the Philadelphia Police and Fire Department will take part in a pre-game ceremony that includes a tribute video and performance of "God Bless America”. Throughout the game, there will be other tributes, including recognition of Temple Podiatry students who were on site at the Marathon lending their services. 
Together we can help the healing process…We are Philadelphia…We are the Flyers…We are #BOSTONSTRONG
Here is a follow up story about the results of the jersey auction and 50/50 raffle donation from the Comcast Spectacor Charites website.
In an effort to help those affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston, the Philadelphia Flyers and Comcast-Spectacor Charities honored both victims and courageous first responders during the Flyers vs. Bruins game on April 23, 2013. A donation was made to The One Fund Boston from the Flyers Charities 50/50 Raffle, as well as an online game-used and signed jersey auction.  The charitable portion of the 50/50 Raffle given to One Fund Boston was $42,798, half of the largest jackpot in U.S. history.  Special edition game-worn Flyers jerseys with Boston Strong patches sewn on were also auctioned off online.  The total amount donated to One Fund Boston from the 50/50 Raffle and online jersey auction was over $66,000. 
During a post-game press conference, Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien was asked what he thought about the way Philadelphia supported Boston during the Flyers vs. Bruins game.  Julien answered, “I’ll tell you what, extremely appreciative and touching. I thought it showed a lot of class. All the support we have had, we have appreciated and what happened tonight was just another great gesture from a rival that went beyond the sport and the rivalry that exists between the two teams and showed support for another city. I thought it was great.”
"We have all seen what Boston has gone through and how they all rallied together,” said Comcast Spectacor President Peter Luukko. “As someone from New England, I know how much pride that city has. We too have been moved by what we saw last week in Boston and wanted to do our part to help.”
Today's featured jersey is a 2012-13 Philadelphia Flyers "Boston Strong" jersey as worn when the Flyers hosted the Bruins on April 23, 2013 eight days after the Boston Marathon bombings. The Flyers then auctioned off the set of jerseys to raise funds for the One Fund Boston.

The ribbon patch the Flyers wore was different than the ones worn by the Bruins is a few small ways. First, the Flyers patch did not have the white border that the Bruins version needed to stand out from their black jerseys, and second, sharp-eyed readers will notice the center of the Flyers ribbon has a small, embroidered orange area, not a clear hole in the center.

Boston Strong Flyers Giroux jersey photo GirouxCBostonStrongjersey.jpg

Boston Strong Kurtis Foster photo 167287517_slide.jpg
Kurtis Foster

Boston Strong Daniel Briere photo DanielBriere.jpg
Daniel Briere

Boston Strong Steve Mason photo SteveMason1.jpg
Steve Mason

Boston Strong ribbon patch photo FlyersBostonStrongribbon.jpg
The Flyers "Boston Strong" ribbon with the center orange embroidery
and without a white border

Here are highlights of the April 23rd game when the Flyers hosted the Bruins eight days after the bombing in Boston when the Flyers showed their support by wearing the Boston Strong ribbon patch.

Big thanks to @FlyersFansInDC for letting us know about the Flyers wearing the Boston Strong patch.

Update: Following our post Monday about the Boston Marathon bombing and the Bruins tribute jerseys, the 2014 edition of the race was held and, in storybook fashion, an American won the race for the first time since 1983 when 39 year old Meb Keflezihgi won by six seconds.

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