Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hunting "Hunting the Last Hamilton Tiger"

Yes, you read that correctly, we are hunting "Hunting the Last Hamilton Tiger", a documentary about the search for a 1920-1925 Hamilton Tigers sweater from the early days of the National Hockey League.

Hamilton Tigers 20-21 Jersey photo HamiltonTigers20-21Jersey.png
Joe Malone of the Hamilton Tigers

The producers of the documentary set out to find a Tigers sweater reportedly sold in the early 1990's for $500 and now estimated, if it should ever surface again, at a value of $60,000 in 2009 when the documentary first aired in Canada on the Discovery Channel and the CBC.

The missing sweater has taken on mythical proportions, aided by Sports Illustrated listing it among the Top 25 Lost Sports Treasures.

The producers of the documentary travelled to New York (where the franchise relocated to, becoming the New York Americans), Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton in search of the missing Tigers sweater, but with no luck in finding it.

1920-21 Hamilton Tigers team photo 1920-21HamiltonTigersteam.jpg

Now four years later we here at Third String Goalie find ourselves in a similar predicament - being located in the United States, we've been searching for not the sweater, but the program itself!

We've never been able to see it aired on TV in the United States, been aware of  DVD available for purchase nor seen it available to view or download online, either legally or not so legally…

Once again the show will be airing on the CBC Documentary Channel on September 27th at 7AM and again at 2 PM (Ottawa time) and we are now coming to you, our faithful readers, on our knees hoping, no, begging and pleading, that some kind tech-savvy Canadian will take pity on our souls and record and burn a DVD of the show for us. We'll happily cover the cost of your postage and other expenses in order that we can finally, finally get to see this program!

Seriously, if there's a BBC America, why isn't there a CBC America channel? We like Canada down here and you've given us any number of really swell things we enjoy - Shania Twain, Molson Beer, The Kids in the Hall and the Colorado Avalanche and to a lesser degree the Phoenix Coyotes, so why don't we get more of your TV? We thought "Corner Gas" was pretty funny and we'd like to see more, particularly when it involves lost hockey sweaters!

What do you say, Canada? Can anyone help us out please? Send an email to to get in touch if you can.


  1. I don't think the information you posted regarding the CBC's schedule for September 27 is correct. CBC's web site shows that "Kids CBC" will be broadcast at 7 am (Ottawa time) and "Steven and Chris (HD) - Series 7 - Eps 5" will be broadcast at 2 pm (Ottawa time).

  2. This is the schedule we were going by.

    Not being from Canada, is this a separate documentary channel?

  3. I'm not from Canada either, but I do get the main CBC channel. The "Hunting the Last Hamilton Tiger" documentary was not on the main CBC channel at the times you listed. I think you may be correct in suggesting that there may be a separate CBC Documentary channel. Unfortunately, I don't get that channel.

  4. It wasn't on the main CBC channel. It was on a separate CBC documentary Channel called 'documentary' (in Thunder Bay it's on Shaw cable's channel # 111) . I watched it around a year ago. I was going to record a copy for you on September 27th but my old VCR now only plays and doesn't record anymore. I had an old Beta machine that works in the basement and could have set that up to my 2nd t.v., but a Beta copy probably been a pain in the ass for you.

    If no one made you a copy, I can either get my parents to record it on their VCR next time or can probably acquire a cheap VCR that fully works. Just give me a heads up on your blog when you know it's going to be on next.

  5. Beta?! For real? Yea, that would have been nearly impossible to view. Heck, a VHS tape isn't something we've even watched in probably three years.

  6. Have a fully working VCR (VHS) now. I'll try to semi-regularly look for upcoming times when it's played again, but if you find upcoming times just email me at - check my email most days.

    On the Hamilton Tigers subject, was watching the Canadian tv hockey drama 'Power Play' (1998-2000) that was loaded onto You Tube and there are a couple small areas where the main character sees the ghosts of a couple Hamilton Tigers.

    about 8:40 into this one:
    about 8:00 into this one:


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