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1999 Mystery Alaska John Biebe Jersey

July by the Numbers settles down with some popcorn and a movie for jersey #10.

Released in 1999, Mystery, Alaska tells the story about the small town of Mystery located in the far reaches of Alaska.

Mystery Alaska cover photo MysteryAlaskaCover.jpg

When their weekly Saturday pickup hockey game is glorified by a cover story in Sports Illustrated (by a former town resident), the magazine article gives birth to the idea of the town hosting an exhibition game against the NHL's New York Rangers in a nationally televised event.

 photo mystery-alaskaSaturdayGame.jpg

Just prior to the announcement of the challenge from the Rangers, town Sheriff John Biebe (portrayed by Academy Award winner Russell Crowe), a 13-year veteran of the Saturday Game, is cut from the squad in favor of teenager Stevie Weeks. who looks remarkably like a certain Sidney Crosby.

 photo WeeksampBiebe.jpg
Weeks and Biebe
 (nice touch having Weeks wearing an Alaska Anchorage Seawolves t-shirt)

With the planned arrival of the Rangers, and big city values, the townsfolk begin to stress over the event and relationships become strained as the pressure mounts. Additionally, their planned game of "pond hockey" evolves into a standard game with boards and blue lines, which turn the rules back in favor of the NHL's Rangers.

Now off the team, Biebe is originally asked to coach the team, but when town Judge Walter Burns (the legendary Burt Reynolds) becomes the coach, he immediately reinstates Biebe to the squad and installs him as captain.

Crowe and Reynolds photo CroweandReynolds.jpg
Sheriff Biebe and Judge Burns

With the day of the game now upon them, the team hits the ice decked out in gorgeous new jerseys never seen before in the movie.

Mystery Alaska

After going up 2-0 after one period, the Rangers come storming back in the second to take a 5-2 lead heading into the third. The team from Mystery regroups and fights back to within 5-4, only to hit the crossbar with their goalie pulled to come within an eyelash of tying the club from the NHL, earning the respect of the Rangers and the town.

In fact, the Rangers were so impressed that two of the players from Mystery actually get tryouts with a Rangers minor league affiliate, which means with those players leaving town, Biebe is now back as a member of the Saturday Game.

Mystery Alaska

Today's featured jersey is a 1999 Mystery Alaska John Biebe jersey. The color of buckskin with a leather lace-up collar, the jerseys feature a simple "M" logo and all the graphics done in black with cream trim, the jerseys are perhaps the finest ever in a hockey movie, as they capture the feeling and spirit of the wild Alaskan landscape in which the town's pond rests.

Mystery-Alaska Biebe F jersey photo Mystery-AlaskaBiebeFjersey.jpg
 photo Mystery-AlaskaBiebeBjersey-1.jpg

Today's video section begins with the trailer for Mystery, Alaska.

Next up the Saturday Game, which put the town on the map.

Finally, the boys from Mystery face off against the New York Rangers while wearing their new team jerseys.


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