Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mark Pavelich Miracle on Ice Jersey Auction Update

UPDATE: The final highest bid for the Mark Pavelich 1980 United States Olympic Team Miracle on Ice jersey ended up being $116,203, and with the 19.5% buyer's premium added on, the final selling price then rises to $138,863. That exceeds the final price of Ken Morrow's Miracle on Ice jersey, which sold for $104,328, by $34,534.

With 17 of the Miracle on Ice jerseys still out there, although a few are in the hands of museums and the Hockey Hall of Fame, the remaining players still in possession of their jerseys will certainly have their eyebrows raised by the recent sales history of the Morrow, Eruzione and now Pavelich jerseys. Perhaps a few more will be made available as these men become grandfathers like Eruzione and start to consider their families future while planning for their estates.

 photo USA1980Pavelichjersey.jpg

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