Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ebay Jersey of the Week - 1994 USA Olympic Reebok Jersey

We may or may not make this a regular feature on Third String Goalie, but from time to time we find a jersey on ebay that really catches our attention because we know just how long it took us to get one for our collection and can't believe that someone hasn't jumped on the "Buy it Now" option or bid it up to a higher prices yet.

Today's particular jersey (which is NOT one of our own listings) is a 1994 Reebok USA National Team jersey. This style was worn during the 1994 Olympics by such players as Brian Rolston, former University of Maine and NHL goaltenders Mike Dunham and Garth Snow, current Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette, Todd Marchant and others.

This particular one looks to be in really good shape, especially for a jersey approaching 20 years old, and is blank on the back so you still have the option of adding a name and number on the back. It's also a listed as a size XL, which is a big plus, as auctions for older ones are seem to always be for a size small or medium, and also because older ones run smaller than current ones. This is listed as 25" across while a current XL would be 26".

This particular style jersey does have a screened on crest, which is described as having some wear and cracking, but we bought an embroidered crest for ours and had it sewn over the screened one to raise the quality of our personal example.

It's priced at $49.99, which is perhaps a bit high, but this style in this size (XL) and condition does not come up very often. Perhaps the seller would be open to an offer, since it has been on ebay for five weeks now.

1994 USA ebay, 1994 USA ebay

In summary, if we didn't have one of these already, we'd be thrilled to acquire it. We like the fact it's blank and an XL and know it's not and easily found style in this size, let alone this condition. We'd add an embroidered crest to it, making it a really sharp looking jersey. We've never bought from this seller, but certainly like their 100% feedback rating, but cannot warranty their performance or the actual jersey.

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  1. I've got one of these too, and see it on ebay every so often. But what is the story behind this jersey? It is pretty much one of the CCM ultrafil replicas of the day with Reebok tags thrown on. It's not the actual Tackla-produced, Reebok-branded jersey that was worn in the Olympics. I first thought it was a mock-up but I've seen enough of these over the years to think that these were produced for retail in the US. Personally I would prefer the Tackla mesh, but I don't think I've ever seen this style listed anywhere, just the 1988-1992 style with the solid vertical arm stripe.


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