Saturday, January 5, 2013

1985-86 Philadelphia Flyers Ron Sutter Jersey

Today, we continue our look at the six Sutter brothers to have played in the NHL.

The Sutter Family, The Sutter Family
The Sutter Brothers

The next Sutter to arrive on the scene was Ron Sutter, the fifth of the brothers, who made his NHL debut on November 28, 1982, Ron was the highest drafted of all the Sutter brothers at 4th overall by the Philadelphia Flyers in 1982.

He added to the family legacy when he was named captain of the Flyers in December of 1989 through the end of the 1990-91 season, the third of the Sutters to wear the "C" along with Brian and Darryl.

Ron would play eight seasons with the Flyers, followed by two and a half with the Blues, a half season with the Quebec Nordiques, a half season with the Islanders and a stop in Boston with the Bruins,

He would then find a home with the San Jose Sharks for four seasons before closing out his career with the Flames in 2000-01. In all, Ron would play 1,093 games with 205 goals and 533 points.

Ron Sutter, Ron Sutter
Ron Sutter

Today's featured jersey is a 1985-86 Philadelphia Flyers Ron Sutter jersey. This style of Flyers jersey arrived during Ron's first season in Philadelphia and remained in use during his entire stay in Philadelphia and beyond, lasting until the change to the new Reebok Edge jerseys in 2007 and would likely still be in use today if not for the change in manufacturer.

This jersey is a prime example of the use of Ron Sutter's full name on the back (FNOB for all you fans of Uni Watch), made necessary when twin brother Rich arrived in in Philadelphia where they played together from 1983 to 1986.

Philadelphia Flyers 85-86 jersey, Philadelphia Flyers 85-86 jersey

To begin today's video segment, this announcer really earns his pay. Listen and see if you can follow along!

Next, the third of the four part series on the Sutter brothers.

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