Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reader Submission - 2006-07 Fresno Falcons John Wroblewski Jersey

Our latest reader submitted jersey comes from John Wroblewski, and it's a Fresno Falcons jersey from the ECHL, which he obtained from a very interesting source!

Here is John's story about his awesome jersey, one that will remain very special to him. Read on to find out why:

John Wroblewski was a hockey player at the University of Note Dame. He went on to play for the Fresno Falcons. After his playing career, John became a coach with the USA Hockey Under 18 National Development Program. He then became the assistant coach for the Wheeling Nailers in the ECHL, before becoming the head coach for the Gwinnett Gladiators for the 2011-2012 season. 
On my site, Johngy's Beat, I wrote about John and how I wanted to meet him. I never thought it would actually lead to making that a reality. 
A couple months after my post on John, he left a comment on it stating that one of his friends told him about my post and blog. He also gave me his email address. I was happy that he saw the piece and happier that he responded. I emailed him and expressed my gratitude. We exchanged a few emails and he asked for my address, saying he had something he thought I would like. 
A couple weeks later, I received a box in the mail. I was stunned at what was inside. It was one of his Falcons jerseys and it was signed! How cool and nice was this!? 
John also told me that in 2012 the Chicago Express would debut in the ECHL and maybe we could meet up when his team was in town. That meeting happened a few days ago after a game in which the Gwinnett Gladiators beat the Express 4-3. 
Coach John met us near the locker room and talked to us for several minutes. It was a lot of fun. 
It is always interesting when a famous person shares your name. It is extra special if you get to meet that person, especially if he is very nice (like John).
This was a great experience and I am proud to share the jersey photos here.
John Wroblewski with... John Wroblewski!

How great is that? Not only is there a hockey player with the same last name as John, he is the one who contacted John and then sends him a game worn jersey! With our very uncommon last name, we are confident that will never happen to us!

As John mentioned, he has his own blog in which he interviews celebrities and sports figures at Johngy's Beat. He loves to travel and interview people from a variety of areas, actors, ball players and wrestlers. And, yes, he resembles Jay Leno.

Here he is interviewing actor Butch Patrick, which most of you will know from his role as Eddie on TV series The Munsters.

Many thanks to John for taking the time to photograph his jersey and write his great story. We really appreciate the efforts involved when a reader shares their jersey and it's always fun to hear about the stories behind them, such as John's unusual one.

If you have a jersey in your collection that you'd like to share with us and your fellow readers, please submit your pictures and a story to go with it, no matter how brief or detailed, to and we look forward to seeing your favorites.

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