Saturday, April 7, 2012

Third String Goalie on Marek vs. Wyshinski

Friday we were lucky enough to be chosen at random as the contestant for "Game Show Friday" on Marek vs. Wyshinski, hosted by Jeff Marek of Sporstnet in Canada and Greg Wyshinski, editor of the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo!

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We were hoping that Marek would be the one coming up with history related questions to challenge us, as we are much more comfortable with questions about hockey's history than Wyshinski's slant toward current events in the NHL.

The theme of the quiz, as stated on the blog, was "Pat LaFontaine", so we felt fairly comfortable going in, having written about LaFontaine more than once here at Third String Goalie. Unfortunately, they threw us a big curveball and, on a takeoff of the great Rick Jeanneret's "La-la-la-la-LaFontaine!" goal call, the quiz was instead themed around players whose last names began with the letters "LA".

Oh boy.

Now we were nervous, fearing either having no idea what the answers would be or drawing a blank on answers we actually knew - both of which would then happen!

Fortunately for us, there was no major cash prize on the line, creating an atmosphere of fun around the quiz, plus we had an ally in Marek, a fellow member of the Society for International Hockey Research, who fed us more than a couple of clues when needed. Why couldn't it have been questions about the relocation of World Hockey Association franchises in the mid-70's or questions about the Pacific Coast Hockey League franchises from 1912-1924? Now that minutiae we know! (No wonder Wyshinski made fun of Marek and I)

We slogged through the quiz as best would could, knowing a few answers on our own and having Marek jog our memory enough times to be declared a "winner", no matter how dubious, but the highlight for us was making them laugh a few times and the enthusiastic endorsement they gave Third String Goalie, including Wyshinski linking to us later on in the day on Puck Daddy, which was very much appreciated and resulted in double our usual amount of traffic for the day.

To listen to our appearance on Game Show Friday, click on the audio player below.

Thanks again to Jeff and Greg for the fun time, the help with the answers and the nice comments about Third String Goalie plus the link to us on Puck Daddy!

If this is your first visit to the blog today, be sure to read today's main entry below about the record setting 1982 playoff game between the Kings and Oilers.

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