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Reader Submission - 2008 Team Canada 1976 Canada Cup Bobby Hull Jersey

Our latest reader submitted jersey comes from Lowell Umayam, and it's one with a unique history unlike any reader submitted one that has been sent in before, as well as one that evokes a lot of memories from past tournaments.

Here is Lowell's story about his wonderful jersey:
I would like to share my jersey on Third String Goalie. This is the authentic 2008 World Championships Team Canada 1976 Canada Cup Retro Jersey. I was able to purchase this from a company that sells game worn international jerseys.

Even though this jersey was never used in a game, it was worn by Bobby Hull during the pregame honoring of the 1976 Canada Cup team. It came with a certificate of authenticity. The jersey is the same as the ones Team Canada wore on May 6, 2008 against Team USA.


For the 100th anniversary of the International Ice Hockey Federation in 2008, the IIHF commemorated the occasion with all kinds of events and activities, including counting down the 100 Top Stories of the last century, naming the Centennial All-Star Team, honoring the Triple Gold Club, made up of players who have won the World Championship, the Stanley Cup and an Olympic Gold Medal, and publishing a pair of books on both the first 100 years of the IIHF and chronicling the Top 100 stories among other events.

Additionally, for the 2008 World Championships in Halifax and Quebec City in Canada, each of the 16 teams participating in the championships wore a jersey to replicate a sweater from a significant year from each particular country's past.

IIHF 100 Throwback jerseys, IIHF 100 Throwback jerseys

Canada's choice was their split-leaf style first worn in 1976 during the inaugural Canada Cup tournament, the first international tournament to feature the best players from each participating country without regard to professional or amateur status, a controversial differentiation at the time, competing without the scheduling conflicts suffered by the annual World Championships held each spring which kept many of the NHL's best out of the tournament due to being heavily involved in the annual NHL playoffs for the Stanley Cup.

This style jersey was subsequently worn by Canada for the future Canada Cups in 1981, 1984, 1987 and 1991.

On the occasion of the game where Team Canada wore their 1976 Canada Cup jerseys at the 2008 World Championships, the 1976 Canada Cup team was honored prior to the game in Halifax with a luncheon as well as a video montage after the first period of Canada's 5-4 win over the United States, which resulted in a standing ovation for the honored players on hand, which included the likes of Hull, Lanny MacDonald and Bobby Orr, each wearing a 1976 Team Canada jersey as part of the celebration.

1976 Canada Cup Veterans, 1976 Canada Cup Veterans
The honored 1976 Canada Cup veterans, with Bobby Hull
front and center wearing Lowell's jersey

What differentiates the jerseys worn in 2008 are the IIHF 100 patch on the back lower right side of the jersey and the 1976 identifying patch on the lower left.

Thanks to Lowell for taking the time to shoot the photos and send in the details about his great jersey. Even if it wasn't worn in actual competition, how great is it to have a jersey worn by Bobby Hull?

If you have a jersey in your collection that you'd like to share with us and your fellow readers, please submit your pictures and a story to go with it, no matter how brief or detailed, to and we look forward to seeing your favorites.

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