Saturday, March 31, 2012

Name Those Pucksters

We here at Third String Goalie have a little quiz for you today. It's quite simple, we are going to post two photos below and simply ask you to identify who these young men are.

Post your answers/guesses in the comments below! We'll post the answers tomorrow. The winner(s) will receive the pride of knowing they are smarter than the average bear.

And now...

Mystery Player #1
Trivia Player #1, Trivia Player #1

Mystery Player #2
Trivia Player #2, Trivia Player #2

Remember, post your answers in the comments section below, and if you don't know, creativity counts!


  1. Mystery player No.1 appears to be Bruce Boudreau and Mystery player No.2 is Paul Holmgren, I hope!! Thanks for your great site!

  2. #1 just a guess but Henry Boucha? #2 is definitely Paul Holmgren.

  3. Thanks to everyone who submitted guesses, most of which were correct, identifying #1 as Bruce Boudreau and #2 as Paul Holmgren. While we didn't think Holmgren would be very difficult to identify, we thought Boudreau would be more challenging. We love that picture of young Bruce and the entire contest was just a reason to finally have an excuse to put that photo online!


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