Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pucks on the 'Net

Looking for a great gift for the hockey fan on your list? On a budget? How does just four bucks sound for a great deal?

Have we got a recommendation for you. Joe Pelletier, the man behind Greatest Hockey Legends and Hockey Book Reviews as well as has published his first e-book Pucks on the 'Net.

Pucks on the 'Net

Pucks on the 'Net contains 65 stories and runs over 100 pages, all for just $3.99! That's the cost of just shipping any printed book on Amazon, regardless of what kind of deal you may get on the price. Being an e-book, it's immediately available for download to be read on your Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, Sony Reader or your home computer. No waiting for the mailman or hoping it arrives in time for Christmas.

Joe has published two previous books, The World Cup of Hockey and Legends of Team Canada, but this is his first e-book and it's more personal in nature, as he shares stories from his childhood and discovering hockey through hockey cards and trips to the public library as well as offering his opinions on various matters of debate.

There's also a lot of funny and unusual stories, including the fact that the first goalie mask was actually worn by a woman, the lowest paid player in NHL history earned himself a whole dollar over the course of his contract and the time Wayne Gretzky actually peed his pants during a vital Canada Cup game! And who knew there was another NHL, the National Harmonica League? Well, once you get your own copy of Pucks on the 'Net, you'll know about that NHL plus all the other ones Joe has uncovered.

To order your own copy, or one as a gift, click below for the Amazon Kindle version, or go to for other formats of all types, all for just $3.99, and you'll be entertained by your copy like us in just minutes.

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