Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reader Submission - Cincinnati Stingers Jersey Conversion

Today's reader submitted jersey is one of vision, creativity and skill, a Do It Yourself project which turned an inexpensive thrift store find into a great looking retro jersey anyone would be proud to own.

Here is reader Will Scheibler's story:
The jersey I am submitting is a homemade jersey conversion. It started off a Central Saloon Bruins screen printed jersey acquired at a thrift store, and was made into a Cincinnati Stingers jersey with a sewn crest and number.

The first pic shows the conversion part way through. I have removed the black shoulders and serged and sewed in some yellow shoulders and white jersey material obtained from another jersey. The black tackle twill name bar to cover 'Central Saloon' hasn't been sewn in yet.

DIY Stingers

The next pic shows the jersey inside out and you can see when the screen printed 'B' logo was and where the Stingers crest has been sewn over it.

DIY Stingers

Here is the front of the Stingers jersey. I made the crest entirely of tackle twill material with each layer zig-zag stitched on.

DIY Stingers

The back of the jersey has tackle twill #18 sewn over the original screen printed #18.

DIY Stingers

Here's a close up of some of the stitching on the Stingers crest.

DIY Stingers

The Cincinatti Stingers played in the WHA from 1975-1979. According to The Internet Hockey Database, players that wore #18 included Jacques Locas, Murray Myers, Gary Veneruzzo, and Peter Marsh. The online site of the Cincinnati Stingers Historical Society is unfortunately currently down.

I have no idea what league or group the Central Saloon Bruins played in.
Thanks go to Will for sharing his DIY project with us. The results turned out great, better than even the most commonly found retail version of this jersey available to collectors, which leaves out the white border on the black crest, which suffers terribly from having the black crest disappearing into the black of the jersey, reaffirming the old adage "If you want it done right, do it yourself."

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