Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reader Submission - 1996-97 Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy Jersey

Our next reader submitted jersey is a Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy jersey from reader Mick Semantel. Here's what Mick has to say about his jersey:
This jersey is a size 48 Starter mesh. A VERY comfortable jersey. I love the material. I found this on the Denver Craigslist for $40. I had lived out there for many years, and still have friends and family out there. I had a friend pick it up for me. I got hooked up by Burnaby Joe (a well known Colorado Avalanche jersey collector). He hooked me up with nameplate material and dropped it off at Denver Athletic (the company who letters the on ice jerseys for the Avalanche).
Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy
Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy

Thanks to Mick for taking the time to send in the photographs and story of his great looking jersey. We sure miss seeing the "mountainous" stripes at the bottom of the jersey, which were lost in the transition to the Reebok Edge jerseys.

This particular jersey dates to the 1996-97 season based on the logos on the rear hem. The Avalanche wore Starter jerseys for their first two seasons in Colorado before changing to CCM, and this jersey, with the S-star logo and separate black and orange NHL shield differ from the Stanley Cup winning 1995-96 jerseys which had the S-star logo above the word "Starter" in a box next to the NHL shield in a white box outlined in blue, with both boxes then outlined in white.

1995-96 Starter logo
1995-96 Starter logo style

It's obviously nice if you can have your jersey lettered by the same people who do the on ice jersey for that team. We've seen plenty of Avalanche jerseys which had issues with the white being smooth, non-glaicer twill, the outlines around the numbers being a flat silver/grey instead of the sparkly metallic twill and using the wrong font for the names on the back, noted for having round letter O's and C's, rather than the proper tall, oval shaped ones with straight sides.

Avalanche wrong font
A Colorado Avalanche jersey with the wrong font for the name on the back

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