Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Time Jersey Flags

While looking for relevant products to link to at the bottom of a recent post we came across something which naturally caught our eyes.

Jersey flags for your home!

Big Time Jerseys

Obviously we here at Third String Goalie thought they were pretty darn cool and really well done with a very nice attention to detail. These were not just some rectangularly bodied pieces of fabric with arms that stuck straight out and a team logo slapped on the front, but accurately shaped and detailed Reebok Edge jersey designs, complete with the rounded shirt-tail silhouette.

Additionally, we were impressed with the detail of the lace up collars, printed texture for the mesh inserts and depictions of the separate fabric panels which make up a real jersey and the lace up collars where appropriate, as well as the accurate logos and colors.

Big Time Jerseys

Each NHL flag measures 64" wide and 44" high, nearly 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall, and includes a custom curved pole, to make sure the jersey hangs with the proper shape, and all the mounting hardware. To further ensure the jersey hangs with the correct shape, thumb screws hold the jersey in place on the pole to prevent it from bunching up on one end.

Big Time Jerseys box

The flags are made of a durable, weather resistant satin polyester material for indoor and outdoor use and are impressively two-sided! You might expect or assume that it would simply be the front of the jersey on both sides of the flag, which may have been the easy way out, but each flag has an accurate depiction of the back of the jersey on one side with accurate number fonts, such as the unique number fonts as the Anaheim Ducks, Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild and precise lettering for the names, exemplified by the vertically arched lettering of the Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings.

NHL teams are available in three styles, home dark and road white with both the front and back depicted, or the home dark with the front of the jersey on both sides if you prefer.

Big Time Jerseys
Home Dark, Away Light or Double Front options

In addition to all 30 NHL clubs, Big Time Jersey offers flags for NBA jerseys, including some with star player names and numbers, a few popular colleges in both basketball and football with a variety of jersey numbers to pick from, Army, Air Force and Marines themed shirts, as well as a variety of high school options.

By following the links below, you can purchase your own Big Time Jersey flag direct from Big Time Jersey for $89.99 and pledge your allegiance to your favorite NHL team.

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