Sunday, January 23, 2011

The 2011 U. S. Pond Hockey Championships Sunday Photo Gallery

We made the trip back to Lake Nokomis again today for Championship Sunday of the 2011 U. S. Pond Hockey Championships.


We did our best to stay warm, watched some close battles and found some new looks to share in today's photo gallery.

First is 10 Meter Radius, which refers to the particular type of skate blades used by this team which has several bandy players on it. 10 Meter Radius won Pool 4 to advance to today's bracket play, where they won three rounds to advance to the semifinals before succumbing to the eventual tournament champions, which places them in the top 4 out of 150 teams. We like the fleur-de-lis logo and love the addition of the country flags on each team member's jersey.

10 Meter Radius
10 Meter Radius

Much of our day was spent watching competition in the Rink Rat Division for teams not quite as skilled or serious as the Open Division, which consists of many former college and even NHL players.

The Lumberjacks were wearing nice jerseys which used a Calgary Flames template with a lace-up collar. They also had a terrific logo of a woodsman inside a circular sawblade above a nicely executed wordmark as well as attractive three color numbers to complete some of the best looking jerseys on the lake. The Lumberjacks finished the day with a 1-2 record.

The Lumberjacks

Always a popular look at the U. S. Pond Hockey Championships is the lumberjack flannel of black and red plaid, worn here by Flannel of Fury. While some teams with this look have simply worn flannel jackets in the past, these are jerseys which feature lace up collars. Flannel of Fury out of Michigan finished with a 1-2 record as well.

Flannel of Fury
Flannel of Fury

Foregoing the usual hockey jerseys, Daski's Marimbas opted for actual sweaters with chest stripes and old English "D" borrowed from the Detroit Tigers baseball club for a grea old school varsity look that really stood out from the pack. Daski's Marimbas completed their schedule with a 2-1 mark after dropping their first game of the day.

Daski's Marimbas
Daski's Marimbas

While they may not have taken home the title, the Party Posse probably got more attention than any other team for their outrageous tropical looks that featured beach comber straw hat (zip tied to their helmets!), leis, Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts!

Party Posse
The Party Posse

We also liked the attention to detail, as all their "jerseys" had numbers on the front, as well as captain's "C's" and "A's" on the front! Despite their no-so-serious approach to their appearance, they took their game seriously and finished with a 3-0 record, one of just nine out of 48 teams to finish Pool Play undefeated, but failed to qualify as one of just four teams to advance to the Championship Bracket.

Party Posse back

Congratulations to all the winners, especially the Whiskey Bandits who won the coveted Golden Shovel as champions of the Open Division, which they earned with no less than five victories today alone!

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