Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zamboni Tribute Day

In honor of the birthdate of Frank Zamboni, a tribute to the ice resurfacing machine he invented that bears his name, the Zamboni, perhaps the most fun word to say in the entire world.

The next time you happen to be looking for a gift-giving idea for us at Third String Goalie, you couldn't possibly go wrong with this piece of brilliance.

Dasherboard: While watching the Captials game last night against the Maple Leafs, two people hit the stratosphere. Alexander Ovechkin had a nice five point night for my Fulton Fantasy Hockey League's Red Army club and I became aware of my new favorite hockey fan, The Capstronaut. The announcers were quite amused by his presence, as was I.
"You go to the Verizon Center with the Capitals, it's unbelievable, and it just made me feel like celebrating," he explained. "What's going on in those games, in that building, is infectious. It carries out onto the street; people are happy. Even when they lose, there's such optimism. I mean, you can't discount Ovechkin's influence on the team, but when you look at all the players, there's just so much electricity and teamwork going on on that ice, [not to mention] the way it's presented, the way it feels. Hey, it made me crazy. I'm going to games as an astronaut."

Are there downsides? Well, it turns out the costume is hotter than expected. And he's found it tricky to drink any fermentables while in character. Other than that, though, it's been clean air.
"It's a little strange sometime in the line in the bathroom, but people are very receptive. [Although] the occasional person kind of looks at you like you're from outer space."
They Capstronaut has even earned himself an invitation to join Capitals owner Ted Leonsis in the owner's box, who promises to serve Tang with dinner.

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