Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Greatest Shootout Goal Ever

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Dasherboard: Since today is Thanksgiving in America, I'm anticipating traffic on The Internets will be down significantly as hockey fans are forced to travel to Aunt May and Uncle Ben's house, who don't even own a computer, and if they did for some unexpected reason actually have a hand-me-down PC given to them several years ago by Ben's nephew Peter, it would probably sound something like this.

So, since most of you will be forced to watch football, first featuring the horrid Detroit Lions followed by the equally abysmal Oakland Raiders, all while fighting off the effects of tryptophan, we are going to break from the usual format and try to give you something to stay awake for - The Greatest Shootout Goal of All-Time, which occurred on this very date back in 2005.

After a first period goal by Jason Ward, shorthanded and unassisted no less, followed by a goal just 14 seconds in to the second period by Jed Ortmeyer, the New York Rangers found themselves up 2-0 over the Washington Capitals.

At 3:32 of the second, Chris Clark pulled one back for the Capitals and Brian Willsie evened the score at 2-2 halfway through the game at 10:36.

Goaltenders Olaf Kolzig for Washington and Henrik Lundqvist kept the offenses off the board in the third, sending the game to overtime. The Rangers did manage six shots on Kolzig during the extra time and the Captials two, but neither team could get the game winner despite the Capitals starting the extra time on the power play.

As the game moved to the shootout, no one knew just how long it was going to take to decide the contest and certainly no one could have imagined the ending.

The teams matched misses, goals and misses through the standard three rounds which moved the shootout to the sudden death stage.

Rounds 4 and 5 were scoreless before Ville Nieminen and Chris Clark both scored in Round 6. Rounds 7 through 13 resulted in save after save after save. Finally in Round 14, Bryan Muir scored for the Capitals to put the pressure on Jason Strudwick of the Rangers, who beat Kolzig to send the shootout to the 15th Round.

After a miss by Washington, with only two healthy skaters left on the bench, Rangers Coach Tom Renney called on defenseman Marik Malik, who had yet to score a goal all season.

What took place next will go down in hockey history as one of the most unexpected moments ever.

"You have to have guts to do that move," said the Rangers Jaromir Jagr. "In front of 20,000 people watching you, it's not that easy to do."

"I was watching everything before me," said Malik. "Olie was unbelieveable. He stopped everything from shots, moves. I just thought to myself, 'Maybe I'll surprise him.' I tried the move and it worked."

"It was actually kind of fun," Kolzig said. "On this stage, Madison Square Garden, Saturday night. I didn't expect Malik to pull a move off like that."

"I started to think it would never end," said Lundqvist.

But what an ending it turned out to be. Almost as good as the goal itself was Malik's "Piece of cake, I do this all the time" reaction afterwards.

For further viewing, and hopefully keeping you from having to watch any of the Lions game, the Top 15 NHL Shootout Goals of All-Time.

And in the interests of equal time and a reason to hopefully not have to see the Raiders game, something to be really thankful for, the 10 Worst Shootout Moments.


  1. I was at the Ranger game and it was spectacular. With every round the building got louder and louder and when Malik pulled that ... almost silence for a second as we all processed what happened. Total shock, total awesomeness. Too bad it was the only good thing Malik ever did as a Ranger.

  2. That must have been one of the most memorable, unexpected and amazing moments when Malik pulled that rabbit out of his hat!


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