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1990-91 Los Angeles Kings Wayne Gretzky Jersey

A milestone never before reached in NHL history occurred on this date in 1990 when Tomas Sandstrom scored against Bob Essensa of the Winnipeg Jets on an assist from Tony Granato - and Wayne Gretzky.

The assist was Gretzky's 2000th NHL point, making him the first, and to date only player to ever reach 2000 points. It occurred during Gretzky's 12th NHL season and 857th game. In comparison, Gordie Howe played 26 years and in 1767 games scoring 1850 points. That's 150 more points in 14 years and 910 games less, and all before the age of 30. In addition, this does not include the 104 points he scored while playing in the World Hockey Association or the 304 playoff points he had scored up until that date.

Other significant career milestones for Gretzky include
  • 1st Goal: 10/14/79 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Vancouver Canucks
  • 500th Goal: 11/22/86 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Vancouver Canucks
  • 800th Goal: 3/20/94 Los Angeles Kings vs. the San Jose Sharks
  • 1st Assist: 10/10/79 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Chicago Blackhawks
  • 500th Assist: 12/17/83 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Quebec Nordiques
  • 1000th Assist: 11/4/87 Edmonton Oilers vs. the New York Rangers
  • 1500th Assist: 3/4/92 Los Angeles Kings vs. the San Jose Sharks
  • 1st Point: 10/10/79 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Los Angeles Kings
  • 1000th Point: 12/19/84 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Quebec Nordiques
and, of course, the anniversary today of his historic
  • 2000th Point: 10/26/90 Edmonton Oilers vs. the Winnipeg Jets
Gretzky would finish his NHL career with 2857 points from 894 goals and 1963 assists, the only player to reach 1900 points, the only player to even reach 1300 assists and one of only two to reach 800 goals.

Even if Gretzky had only scored the number of points in his career that put him ahead of second place Mark Messier, he would still currently rank 78th on the NHL all-time scoring list with 970 points.

Today's featured jersey is a CCM 1990-91 Los Angeles Kings Wayne Gretzky jersey. What identifies this jersey as being from this stage if his career with Los Angeles is the captain's "C" and the two color numbers paired with the two color name on the back on a nameplate, as used from 1989-90 (when he became captain of the Kings) to 1990-91. The following season of 1991-92 the Kings would alter their specification to three color number and names, no longer on a nameplate. After one year of three color names, the Kings would again change for the 1992-93 season. While sticking with the three color numbers, the name on the back would be simplified to a more legible one color name and the three color sleeve numbers would change from primarily silver to now being black and would remain so throughout the remainder of this jerseys lifetime, the 1997-98 season.

Los Angeles Kings 88-91 F
Los Angeles Kings 88-91 B

Ok, you're probably expecting a video clip of Gretzky scoring his 2000th point right about now and we must confess having gone looking for one, but let's see if we can't throw you a curve ball today and keep you on your toes.

This is a video tribute to Guyle Fielder, the third-leading scorer in professional hockey history , behind only Gretzky and Howe, and one of only three to have reached the 2000 point level and the best player you never heard of.

Fielder played in the American and Western Hockey Leagues during the 1050's and 60's and a few seasons into the 70's. Surprisingly, for a player with 13 seasons of 90 or more points, his career NHL totals show but nine regular season games, along with six playoff games for a grand total in the NHL of zero points!

From Potlatch, Idaho, Fielder was named rookie of the year in 1952 and was the WHL MVP six times, the league's scoring leader nine time and a three time most gentlemanly player. At the end of his career Fielder was drafted by the Houston Aeros of the WHA, but chose to remain with the Portland Buckaroos for his last season as a professional.

His final regular season totals a 23 year professional were 438 goals and 1491 points for 1929 regular season points plus 108 playoff points for a grand total of 2037, the first player to reach 2000 as a pro. His 1929 career minor league points still stands as the highest of all-time, as are his 1487 games played.

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