Monday, July 6, 2009

1989-90 Team Canada Ken Lovsin Jersey

Today July by the Numbers moves on to jersey #6.

Ken Lovsin was a member of the Canadian National Team in both 1988-89 and 1989-90, which was coached by Dave King. At the time, the Canadian National Team played a full season together and competed in various international competitions, such as the annual Spengler Cup, held every year in Switzerland, and against various club teams.

The team would attract top NHL prospects, veteran professionals and occasionally current NHL players who were holding out in contract disputes. The program would continue in this format until 1998 when professionals were allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Other members of the Canadian National Team in 1989-90 included Kris Draper and goaltender Ed Belfour, both prior to moving onto the NHL.

Lovisn would participate in but a single NHL game, when he suited up for the Washington Capitals once in the 1990-91 season. He would play two full seasons for Baltimore in the AHL, and a year in Sweden before rejoining the Canadian National Team for the 1993-94 season, which included earning a sliver medal for Canada at the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

Today's featured jersey is a 1989-90 Team Canada Ken Lovsin jersey with the addition of the captain's "C".

One unusual feature of the customizing of this jersey is that the three color sleeve numbers are created by sewing the top red layer onto a white layer and then sewing that layer onto the jersey with blue thread.

The back number is even more unusual, in that it is simply a one layer white number sewn onto the jersey with tightly zig-zagged blue thread and an inner path of red sewn on in the same tight zig-zag fashion. In fact, the distance between the inner red trim and the blue outline varies quite a bit and they even touch each other on occasion. It's actually pretty crude when examined too closely.

I quite like the "speed stripes" treatment on the arms as the white fades out to red approaching the cuffs of the arms. Many of these style jerseys have sponsor patches from Air Canada, Esso and Labatt across the bottom of the jersey on the back.

1989-90 Team Canada jersey
1989-90 Team Canada jersey

Speaking of examining the back number closely, I should point out that each photo I post on this blog of one of my jerseys is a clickable link to my Webshots account, which has additional functionality beyond just seeing the photo here in my blog. If you would like to see any of my jerseys or patches in much greater detail, and the back number on this Canada jersey is a perfect example, you can send me a "friend request" through webshots.

Here's how
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  2. To the right of the fourth row down is a yellow box with several links to click. Select "make friends". I will then receive an email with your request.
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If you click on one of my photos, just look for the series of links at the top of the photo that reads "Spyboy1 > albums > Northwest Division (or whatever)", and click on "albums" to get to my main page and then follow step 2 above to send a friend request.

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