Monday, June 8, 2009

He's "Ricci" Ugly

Here's some motivational speeches to get you riled up for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals tomorrow night.

We can hope the real Sidney Crosby has more leadership than that or it's Detroit in six!

Dasherboard: The court case involving the Phoenix Coyotes took an interesting turn as the NFL, NBA and MLB all warned in a court document that a ruling against the NHL, in it's attempt to block the sale and move of the Coyotes, would set a dangerous precedent.

We weren't sure the NBA even knew the NHL existed since they have scheduled Game 3 of their finals opposite the NHL's Game 6 on Tuesday.

The City of Glendale, Arizona also filed an objection to the sale, arguing that the Coyotes should not be allowed to break it's 30 year lease, signed in 2001.

Having lived through the relocation of our hometown team, we fully support the efforts to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, as we don't want any other hockey fans to have to go through what we went through here in Minnesota. It's our feeling that teams belong to the communities and the owners are merely temporary custodians of the franchises, and everything should be done to keep teams where they are, otherwise, you could end up with a situation where franchises are frequently on the move, as rich men with no vested interest in the communities the teams play in, have their teams jump from location to location in search of the latest and greatest business opportunity for their personal gain, all at the expense of the fans.

It was Norm Green who moved the North Stars to Dallas, a team that had been in Minnesota for 26 seasons, only too see Green unload the team less than 2 1/2 years later. Why allow one man to move a franchise he has no intent on even keeping? For 2 //2 years of increased income, hundreds of thousands of fans are made to live with the after affects for decades, which hardly seems equitable.

It might be a very naive position on our part, but in professional sports, owners should be told up front that league rules prohibit the moving of any franchise for any reason. You buy the team with the understanding that location is the location you have to make your business work. Can't live with that? Then don't buy in.

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