Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie

Today's historically significant event is the Edmonton Oilers winning their third of four Stanley Cups on this date in 1987, meaning today's featured jersey is...

the same as yesterday's!

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Meanwhile, enjoy this one you friggin' hosers.

Dasherboard: As we mentioned Thursday, the boards at Joe Louis Arena are the most unpredictable at any arena in the NHL, and they involved themselves in Game 1 of the finals after participating in the overtime goal in Game 5 that eliminated the Blackhawks.

Marc-Andre Fleury was victimized on the first goal by a big bounce off the back boards, and did himself no favors by having the puck deflect in off his own skate (after yet another lively bounce off the end boards) while laying prone in the crease, something that never, ever would have happened to Dominik Hasek in the same situation since he always had a horseshoe up his butt as he flopped and floundered in and around his crease.

Malkin failing to convert on a breakaway with the score tied at 1 was a big moment in the game, as it was the kind of play that could have given either team a boost of confidence and momentum, something the younger Penguins playing on the road would have greatly benefitted from.

Even Justin Abdelkader's goal off the big hop off the net when Jordan Staal lost track of the airborne puck and got turned around wasn't a "typical" goal. While it was a big bounce off the net, it was a teriffic shot afterwards though. Fleury can only hope that the Gods have gotten all their quirky bounces out of their system and the puck will play truer from now on.

Tune in tonight at 7 PM CST for Game 2 and see to find out. We won't go so far as to say it's a "must win" for Pittsburgh, but without home ice advantage, they must win at least one game on the road during the series to take the cup, and it's going to be easier to do it with Pavel Datsyuk expected to remain out of the lineup and coming home with a split in the first two games would go a long way to bolstering their confidence, something the Red Wings look to have in abundance.


  1. With those fluky goals, it appeared the Wings stole one last night. Not that they weren't playing well enough to win it. But the score didn't reflect what was really happening on the ice. The Pens looked tough last night. Just got some bad breaks.

  2. Love the Clark the Canadian Goalie film! Clark is really former Portland Winterhawk Nick Vachon - son of former LA Kings goalie Rogie Vachon, FWIW.


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