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Saturday, January 30, 2016

1999 NHL All-Star Game Wayne Gretzky Jersey

Among his dozens of NHL scoring records, Wayne Gretzky holds five NHL All-Star Game scoring records, the Most Points in One Period, the Most Goals in One Period, the Most Goals in One Game, the Most Career Goals and the Most Career Points.

His first All-Star appearance was in the World Hockey Association in 1979 when he got to play with his childhood idol Gordie Howe and his son Mark. The event was not a single game dividing stars of the WHA into two teams pitted against each other in the typical All-Star Game format, but a three game series between the WHA All-Stars and Dynamo Moscow of the Soviet Union. During the three games the line scored seven points in the 4-2 win for the WHA. Gretzky scored a goal in the WHA's second consecutive 4-2 win before being held scoreless in the final game in which the WHA completed a three game sweep 4-3.

Gretzky's first NHL All-Star appearance came in the following season in Detroit in 1980. His first All-Star point arrived in 1981 with an assist in the third period when Doug Wilson scored at 10:18 of the third period on assists from Mike Bossy and Gretzky.

NHL All Star G 1980 & 1981 F
NHL All Star G 1980 & 1981 B
Wayne Gretzky wore this style of jersey in both 1980 and 1981

The first of his record 13 All-Star Game goals came in 1982 in Landover, Maryland just 26 seconds into the second period from Paul Coffey and Dino Ciccarelli.

NHL All Star G 1982 F jersey
NHL All Star G 1982 B jersey
Gretzky's star-spangled 1982 All-Star jersey

His first multi-point and multi-goal game came in 1983 at the Nassau Coliseum when he set All-Star Game records for Most Points, Most Goals in One Period and Most Goals in a Single Game when he erupted for four goals in the third period against Pelle Lindbergh.

His first goal was the game winning goal for the Campbell Conference at 6:20 from Jari Kurri and Coffey. His second came from Mark Messier and Kurri at 10:31. He completed a hat trick at 15:32 from Wilson and Messier. The Campbell Conference continued to pour it on and Gretzky completed his record setting scoring binge with the Campbell's sixth goal of the period and Gretzky's fourth from Messier at 19:18. Four other players have since tied the record for most goals in a game, but Gretzky was the first in league history to accomplish the feat, and only needed one period to do so! Two other players equaled Gretzky's four points in one period, but he still stands alone for the most goals in one period 28 years later. Not surprisingly, Gretzky earned the first of his All-Star Game MVP awards following the game.

In 1984, he added a goal to his career total in New Jersey. Another goal followed in 1985 in Calgary and again in 1986 in Hartford, with all three also coming in the third period of their respective games.

NHL All Star 84 & 86 F
NHL All Star 84 & 86 B
This highly attractive style was worn by Gretzky in both 1984 and 1986

1988 saw his goal scoring streak reach five consecutive games, but for a change of pace it arrived earlier in the game during first period.

Gretkzy made his first All-Star appearance in Edmonton in 1989, only now as a member of the Los Angeles Kings. He put on a show for the Oilers faithful who were again able to cheer for Gretzky as a member of the "home" Campbell Conference squad.

The scoring began with an assist on Kurri's goal 1:07 into the contest. His goal scoring streak continued at 4:33 from Steve Duchesne. Another assist arrived at 12:18 of the third period en route to the Campbell Conference's 9-5 win. Following the game, Gretzky was named the recipient of his second All-Star Game MVP award.

NHL All Star G 88-89 FNHL All Star G 88-89 B
This sharp looking style debuted in 1989 and lasted through 1993

The unimaginable happened in 1990 in Pittsburgh when Gretzky was held scoreless, ending a nine game All-Star Game scoring streak. He returned to the scoring column in 1991 in Chicago with his 11th career goal in the second period in the Campbell Conference's 11-5 win to surpass Howe's career NHL All-Star Game goal scoring record of 10.

NHL All Star G 1990 F
NHL All Star G 1990 B
NHL All Star G 1991 F
NHL All Star G 1991 B
Gretzky wore the road black version in 1990 and went back to the home white in 1991

The NHL celebrated it's 75th Anniversary season by wearing throwback jerseys to the original All-Star game in 1947 in Philadelphia. Gretzky Scored a goal in the first period and collected a pair of assists in the second for a three point game.

NHL All Star G 1992 jersey
NHL All Star G 1992 B
This striking 1947 throwback was worn in Philadelphia in 1992

Gretzky was again held off the board in Montreal in 1993 when the NHL returned to the jersey style worn from 1989 to 1991, only now with both the sleeve and back numbers' colors reversed from what they were previously, as the back numbers were now white and the sleeve numbers rendered in black.

NHL All Star G 1993 jersey
NHL All Star G 1993 B
The final time out for this style in 1993 was adorned with the Stanley Cup Centennial patch

He then bounced back in New York's Madison Square Garden in 1994 with two assists. There was no All-Star Game in 1995 due to the labor issues which delayed the start of the season until after the new year. Gretzky did not register a point in a relatively low scoring game in Boston in 1996.

 NHL All Star G 1996 jersey
NHL All Star G 1996 B
This new template debuted in 1994 and was used again in 1996 and 1997

A single assist in San Jose in 1997 moved Gretzky into sole possession of the All-Star Game career scoring record with 20 points, once again passing a record held by Howe. The switch to the Eastern Conference in 1996-97 gave Gretzky an opportunity to play with several new teammates not previously possible, especially a reunion with former Canada Cup teammate Mario Lemieux, whose goal he assisted on during what would be their only All-Star game on the same team.

NHL All Star G 1997 F
NHL All Star G 1997 B
While creative, this style hasn't aged well over time
due to the trendy color choices of purple and teal

A change in format to North America vs. The World in 1998 scrambled his teammates once more, yet Gretzky found the chemistry to generate another pair of assists with American John LeClair and long time Oilers teammate Mark Messier on the North American's game winning goal.

NHL All Star G 97-98 F
NHL All Star G 97-98 B
Another strong design arrived in 1998 for the World vs. North America format

Gretzky's final All-Star Game in Tampa, Florida was an unqualified success and a great way to cap off a record setting All-Star career for The Great One when he had an assist in the first period, pushed the career goal scoring record to 13 in the second period and later added a final assist to push his career point scoring record to 25, which still stands today. The final cherry on top was Gretzky being named the game's MVP, the third such occasion of his career, which allowed him to tie Lemieux for the most in All-Star Game history.

Today's featured jersey is a 1999 NHL All-Star Game Wayne Gretzky jersey. This sharp jersey template was worn by Gretzky for his final two All-Star Games and was loaded with patches. All of the jerseys used in the game had the 1999 All-Star Game logo on the right shoulder, the logo of the player's club team on the left shoulder and the flag from his country of origin on the upper right chest. Additionally, Gretzky's jersey was adorned with the captain's "C" on the upper left chest to complete the look.

NHL All Star G 98-99 F
NHL All Star G 98-99 B

Today's video segment begins with Gretzky's interview after his record setting four goals in one period in 1983.

Here is Gretzky's assist on Lemieux's goal in the 1997 edition of the NHL All-Star Game, the only time the two of them would play together in an All-Star Game.

Finally, highlights of Gretzky's MVP performance in his final All-Star Game in 1999 broadcast in some Eastern European language, which we feel speaks to Gretzky's worldwide appeal.

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