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1999-00 Philadelphia Flyers Craig Berube Jersey

Perhaps no other player in NHL history has introduced himself to a fan base in a more appropriate fashion than Craig Berube did on this date in 1987 when he picked up three minor penalties, two majors and a misconduct for 26 minutes in penalties, no doubt endearing himself to the Flyers faithful right from the start.

Berube, an enforcer and a grinder, was signed by the Flyers as an undrafted free agent and played seven regular season games in Philadelphia in 1986-87, totaling 57 penalty minutes (PIM), and five playoff games, adding another 17 PIM to his total. He also played 63 games with the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League (AHL), with 325 PIM, an average of over 5 PIM per game.

The next season was also split between Philadelphia and Hershey, with 27 being in the NHL and 31 in the AHL. He topped 100 penalty minutes in the NHL for the first of thirteen consecutive seasons with 108.

In 1988-89 the balance of games swung even further towards the NHL, with 53 games and 199 PIM with the Flyers and just seven games in Hershey.

The 1989-90 season saw Berube move to the NHL full time with 74 games played, 291 PIM. The left winger also reached a career high with 18 points that season from 4 goals and 14 assists. The following season saw a career high in goals for Berube with eight in 74 games and 293 PIM.

Berube then began a year of change, as the Flyers traded him to the Edmonton Oilers in May, who then dealt him to the Toronto Maple Leafs in September. After three months and 40 games, Berube was once more on his way, this time to the Calgary Flames just after the first of the year. He played a full season with the Flames in 1992-93, with over 200 PIM but was then traded once again, this time to the Washington Capitals.

Playing his role to perfection with 305 penalty minutes in 1992-93, Berube found a home in Washington, where he would play six seasons, highlighted by a run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, in which he played in 21 playoff games, including scoring the first playoff goal of his career.

After six seasons with the Capitals, Berube was sold to the Flyers late in the 1998-99 season.

After a full season in Philadelphia the following year, he returned to Washington as a free agent for 2000-01 only to be traded to the New York Islanders in January.

After finishing the season with the Islanders, Berube returned to Calgary as a free agent for 2001-02 and would play the final two NHL seasons of his career with the Flames, the 14th and 15th seasons of his career with 100 penalty minutes or higher. He would receive his 3,000th penalty minute during his first season back in Calgary and the first game of the 2002-03 season with Calgary was Berube's 1,000th NHL game.

He would finish his NHL career with 1054 games, 61 goals and 98 assists for 159 points and 3,149 penalty minutes, which is good for seventh all-time in the NHL. It's a shame he couldn't finish his career in Philadelphia, as he was born to be a Flyer.

Today's featured jersey is a 1999-00 Philadelphia Flyers Craig Berube jersey from his second stint in Philadelphia, which features the NHL 2000 patch, worn on all players jerseys that season.

The NHL 2000 patch comes in a variety of colors related to the team colors of each individual club. The majority of them were black or one of several shades of blue, but there were also red, eggplant, green and maroon, which we will detail below.

We wonder if we will be able to find any videos of Berube on set to music by Metallica?

Seems like a longshot, but let's find out...

Hell, yea! What violence and mayhem! Old time hockey! It makes me want to get started on a mullet right now.

In this next video, Berube lives out every fan's dream and pops the linesman right square in the face, cutting him open.

Dasherboard: Here is the list of NHL 2000 patches, their colors and the teams that wore them that we complied back when they were first available.

NHL 2000 Patch color history
Note: Home Jerseys were white and road jerseys were dark that season.

Worn by the Bruins, Sabres, Kings, Flyers, Coyotes Home and Away, Penguins, Sharks, Lightning, Flames Alt, Blackhawks Alt, Capitals Alt

Worn by the Flames Home and Away, Hurricanes, Red Wings, Panthers Home and Away, Devils, Senators and World All-Star

Worn by the Oilers, Predators, Islanders, Canucks, Thrashers Home, Panthers Alt, Rangers Alt and North American All-Star

Worn only by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

Worn by the Canadiens and Blackhawks

Worn by the Stars and Coyotes Alt

Worn only by the Capitals Home and Away

Worn by the Avalanche, Thrashers Road

Worn only by the Maple Leafs

Worn by the Blues and Rangers Home and Away

This information was found online during the time the patches were in use. Based on our personal experience, there is a difference between the Navy Blue and the Royal Blue, but the shade of "Medium Blue" apparently worn by the Maple Leafs is quite difficult to distinguish from the Royal Blue, if there even is a difference.

Also, we question the existence of two different shades of red. lists only eight colors and not the ten we have here, eliminating the Medium Blue and second shade of red.

For visual representations of these patches in use, we recommend the essential Just click on the 1999-00 link on the right hand column to see the all the styles of jerseys the various clubs were wearing that season.

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