Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1999-00 Phoenix Coyotes Alternate Jeremy Roenick Jersey

Today's Curious, Weird and Ugly™ Collection jersey is one of the strangest jerseys to ever see the ice in an NHL contest.

With hockey fans already thinking the basic Coyotes home and away jerseys of the day were odd enough, this eerie "Midnight in the Desert" or as I prefer "Peyote Ugly", look really has to make one wonder what the designers were smoking at the time they created it.

It's dark hunter green, black and sienna colors, accented with purple (!) landscape of cacti against the mountains of the desert southwest under a crescent moon create a dark, spooky feeling, only added to by the unyielding stare of the main crest, a coyote head wearing just half a goalie mask and an unblinking eyeball staring at the viewer.

The package is completed by using a strange font for the name and numbers that I feel safe in predicting won't be seeing the back of any new NHL jerseys anytime in the near future. It's occasional rounded corners keep the viewer off-balance, as you never can predict which letters will get them and which won't. The thin, and occasionally oddly proportioned numbers such as the 2 and the 5, are also visually jarring to those more used to traditional block numbers.

This alternate jersey was first introduced in 1998 and tweaked for the 1999-00 season, as the main crest would receive a bold sand colored outline that it would retain for the remainder of it's run until the 2002-03 season before the Coyotes identity package would receive a complete overhaul, including all new logos and a greatly simplified color scheme.

The only patch worn on this alternate jersey was the green version of the NHL 2000 patch in 1999-00, as shown on my jersey below.

Not only do I classify this jersey as "Weird", I think it's the single weirdest jersey ever as far as the NHL goes. There's really never been anything like it in terms of having a landscape depicted on a jersey before or since, especially one in the dark of night with a creepy floating animal head staring out at you in such a dark and unusual color palette.

Phoenix Coyotes Alt 99-00 F
Phoenix Coyotes Alt 99-00 B
Phoenix Coyotes Alt 99-00 P

Here is some game action of he Coyotes alternates in action, including the uncommon sight of a team wearing it's alternate jersey during the playoffs, along with a Jeremy Roenick highlight package of his time with the Coyotes.


  1. These jerseys always remind me of the Space Coyote played by Johnny Cash from the Simpsons episode where Homer starts tripping after eating "The merciless peppers of Quetzalacatenango… grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum."

  2. New logo is so gey. I prefer old one


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